To monitor network interfaces on the Mac where PeakHour is running is very simple.

This guide walks you through Monitor This Mac, which will enable SNMP on your Mac and then create a Target within PeakHour to monitor it.

If you purchased PeakHour from the Mac Appstore, the steps are slightly different. Use this guide instead.

Monitor This Mac

  1. The Monitor This Mac Assistant offers several options for configuring SNMP. By default, a secure SNMP Community string will be generated automatically. You can also choose whether or not to allow querying from other devices.
  2. Click Enable SNMP to start the process of enabling SNMP.

  3. A Terminal window and run through the process of enabling SNMP:

    If Monitor This Mac doesn't automatically advance after the process is complete, ensure Terminal is no longer running. If it is, click the Terminal icon in the dock and choose Terminal > Quit from the menus.

  4. Next, you will be prompted to choose the interface you wish to monitor:
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Your chosen interface will start being monitored.