This page steps you through enabling SNMP on your Macs so that they can be monitored by PeakHour.

We've made this process super-easy by creating PeakHour Enabler, an optional helper app that automatically enables and configures SNMP on a Mac so that PeakHour can monitor it.

If you'd prefer to set up and enable SNMP yourself, or you're curious what PeakHour Enabler does, see our blog post for detailed instructions.

If you purchased PeakHour direct (via Paddle), the steps are slightly different. Use this guide instead.

Here's how use you PeakHour Enabler to set up SNMP:

1.Get PeakHour Enabler

On the Mac you want to monitor with PeakHour, download the latest version of PeakHour Enabler:

2. Run PeakHour Enabler

  1. Launch PeakHour Enabler:
  2. Click Apply & Enable to start and configure SNMP.
  3. Enter your macOS password when prompted:
  4. Press Command-Q to Quit Terminal.
  5. Status should now be Configured & Started.
  6. Click Exit.
  7. Back in PeakHour, you should now see a list of interfaces on your Mac.

    Choose the interface you wish to monitor:
  8. Click Finish.
  9. The Mac will be automatically added as a new Target.