Almost all residential Internet routers support UPnP these days. Unfortunately, not all of them implement the necessary aspects of the UPnP specification that allow PeakHour to monitor them.

If this is the case, PeakHour may say it has found your router but the light may be yellow, red and / or no bandwidth may be being reported even though devices are accessing the Internet through it.

  • If the data doesn't look correct or the light is yellow or red, it is most likely that your router isn't reporting all of the information required for it to be monitored.

    In this case, PeakHour cannot monitor your Internet router directly. There are a few things you can do:

    • Look at using PeakHour Enabler to allow you to monitor your Mac(s) directly. 
    • Enable SNMP on other devices on your network and monitor those; have a look at this FAQ for information on how to set that up.
    • Contact your router manufacturer and check for updated firmware for your router. If that doesn't work, request that they fix or properly implement the Internet Gateway Device 2 (IGW2) UPnP specification.
  • If you think it might be an issue with PeakHour, see PeakHour isn't seeing my UPnP router. How can I check if it's working properly?