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Key points regarding compatibility

  • PeakHour can monitor throughput of a wide variety of capable devices: routers, wireless access points, servers, printers, PCs, Macs etc.
  • The key to being able to monitor them is that they support either the SNMP or UPnP protocol.
    • Most Internet routers support UPnP.
    • Some Internet routers support SNMP as well.
  • Mac, Windows and Linux PCs support SNMP allowing them to be monitored directly.
  • For servers, NAS devices and printers, see the documentation for those devices.

Expert Tip

If your router isn't compatible with PeakHour and you're not afraid of a little tinkering, open source replacement firmwares such as DD-WRT or Tomato may provide an alternative option. We've tested the latest DD-WRT ourselves in-house and find it offers excellent SNMP support which works well with PeakHour.