PeakHour can directly monitor any device that supports SNMP and most devices that support UPnP

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  • Most network devices, PCs, Macs and servers support SNMP or can be enabled for SNMP. Check the following FAQ for more information: I'd like to monitor my Mac/PC/Linux devices. How can I enable them?
  • Most routers and WiFi access points support at least UPnP (the good ones often support both SNMP and UPnP).
  • See our blog post HOW TO: Monitor the bandwidth usage of individual Macs for help on setting up snmpd on Mac OS X, allowing them to be monitored.
  • Devices that do not support SNMP or UPnP can't be monitored individually as there is no way to determine their usage directly. You may be able to monitor them indirectly if you have a switch/router that supports monitoring of individual ports.

Expert Tip

Note that neither SNMP nor UPnP provide per-device traffic information. This means that to monitor how much traffic an individual device is using, you need to monitor it directly with PeakHour.