PeakHour is available in two different stores: the Mac Appstore and directly from us via our web site.

How do I tell which version I have?

See How do I tell which distribution of PeakHour I have?.

What are the differences?

Whilst both versions are almost identical from a functionality standpoint, there are some key differences from a licensing and upgrade perspective:

Mac AppStore versionDirect version
Limited time trial availableNoYes - 10 days
Discount when upgrading from PeakHour 2?NoYes
Automatic updatesYes, through the Mac AppStoreYes, in-app
Licensed for use on multiple MacsYesYes - 5 devices*

Why do you not offer a time-limited trial in the Mac AppStore?

Apple have so far refused to allow developers to offer a time-limited trial of their apps in the AppStore.

Why do you not offer discounted upgrades in the Mac AppStore?

Again Apple do not provide a way for developers to recuperate development costs for upgrades. For companies who's apps are the front-end to a service, this is usually OK because the software is usually supported by another source of revenue (a service, backend or contract). For pure software indie developers such as ourselves who spend hundreds and hundreds of hours working on a new version, it is not viable and serves as a disincentive to continually improve our products.

We love software as much as many of you do and want to be able to continue to work on improvements to it. 

* If you run out of activations, we'll happy extend this - within reason of course.