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What kind of devices can I monitor with PeakHour?

PeakHour lets you monitor the throughput of any device that supports the SNMP or UPnP protocol. Typically devices such as Internet routers, wireless access points, servers, switches, network attached storage (NAS) support monitoring by one or both of these protocols.

My Internet router supports UPnP - what can I monitor?

If your Internet router is UPnP enabled and shows up in PeakHour with a green status icon and "Reporting Bandwidth" then you should be able to use PeakHour to monitor your Internet throughput. 

Be sure to perform a 'sanity check' of what PeakHour is reporting vs. what you expect to see. Some router manufacturers are a little lazy when it comes to ensuring they report throughput accurately, so it makes sense to double-check. If you suspect PeakHour is under or over-reporting usage, try the steps in this FAQ to determine if the data is accurate: PeakHour isn't seeing my UPnP router / appears to be reporting incorrectly. How can I check if it's working properly?