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Normally, you can control whether PeakHour launches at startup via Preferences > General > Launch automatically when computer starts.

Sometimes, this mechanism can become confused. If you've disabled this setting in Preferences, but PeakHour is still launching at startup, follow these steps:

  1. Open Terminal (click the Spotlight / magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner and type 'Terminal' and hit Enter).
  2. Enter the following command in Terminal:

    Code Block
    ~ launchctl list | grep com.digitician.peakhour4.launchAtLoginHelper
    -       0       com.digitician.peakhour4.launchAtLoginHelper

    In the output above, the login helper is present and enabled.

  3. To disable and delete the login helper, enter these two commands:

    Code Block
    ~ sudo launchctl stop com.digitician.peakhour4.launchAtLoginHelper

    Note: Enter your macOS password when prompted.

    Code Block
    ~ sudo launchctl remove com.digitician.peakhour4.launchAtLoginHelper