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  1. Quit PeakHour / make sure it is not running.
  2. Open Terminal (click the Spotlight icon in the top-right corner and type 'Terminal' then hit Enter).
  3. In Terminal, enter the following command:

    Paddle (direct) version 

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    defaults write com.digitician.PeakHour4 SnmpMaxOidsPerQuery 1

    Mac AppStore version

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    defaults write ~Library/Containers/com.digitician.peakhour4/Data/Library/Preferences/com.digitician.peakhour4.plist SnmpMaxOidsPerQuery 1


    If you're unsure which version of PeakHour you have, see here: How do I tell which distribution of PeakHour I have?

  4. Start PeakHour.

If this worked, your router should respond to PeakHour normally.