Usage Monitoring provides a real-time, detailed view of your current Internet (although it doesn't have to be) usage. Usage lets you set your quota and monthly time period and then shows you use usage vs. that time in a display at the top of the main PeakHour window, like this:

Configuring Usage Monitoring

To set up Usage Monitoring:

  1. Check the Enable Usage Monitoring checkbox at the top of the Usage tab.
  2. Choose a Target that will be monitored for usage from the Target drop down.
  3. Choose whether a Mensiverary (or monthly rollover) date applies. This is the day of the month that your usage resets. If you're unsure, check with your ISP.
    If you choose not to enable this, Usage operates in "Pre-paid" mode where usage will continue to accumulate until it is manually reset. This is useful if you buy your Internet in pre-paid chunks. 
  4. On the Quota tab, choose between Anytime or Peak/Off Peak. Set the amounts of data included in your quota and (if Peak/Off Peak is chosen) the time of day when Off Peak applies.
  5. Choose whether Uploaded data counts towards quota.


TargetThis is the Target that is monitored for usage.
Automatically reset usage on the...

This checkbox controls whether usage is automatically reset.

  • If enabled, Usage will automatically reset on the chosen day of the month.
  • If disabled, Usage will only reset if you manually click the Reset... button or right-click on the Usage area of the main window and choose Reset...
Reset...Resets usage to zero.
Adjust...Opens a panel allowing you to manually adjust the current amount of usage. Use this if you're part way through your usage period and need to bring PeakHour 'into sync' with actual usage.


The Quota tab is where you configure how much internet usage you are allowed.

Anytime QuotaIf the same usage applies no matter what the time of the day, use Anytime Quota and enter the amount you are allowed (e.g. 100GB).
Peak / Off-peakSome ISPs offer you a separate quota amount of 'off-peak' times. This allows you to configure this separate quota and the times between which it applies.
Between...The time period for which Off-peak quota applies. Usage between these two times is considered Peak usage and usage outside these two times is considered Off-peak.
Uploaded data counts towards quotaSome ISPs do not count uploads towards your quota usage. Turn this on to count uploaded data; turn it off to ignore it.


This tab allows you to change the way Usage is displayed.

Enable Usage View

This option allows you to toggle the usage view at the top of the main window on or off.

Show overall usage in menu bar

This option shows the total usage so far in the menu bar.

Highlight excessive usage

If the usage bar moves past the time bar, this option will turn usage dark red to indicate that you've used more quota than there is time remaining.


The accuracy tab displays some information about the currently chosen Target and allows you to disable the warning about usage inaccuracy.

For detailed information about Usage Monitoring and accuracy, see the Usage Monitoring Wiki page.