Once you've located an SNMP capable device, this screen then allows you to choose the interface you wish to monitor.

The correct interface to monitor depends very much on the device you're monitor. For more information see Supported Devices FAQ (TBA).


The following information is shown for each device in the list:

Interface nameThe name of the interface
Status Light

Green = Detected, appears to be working and reporting data transferred.

Yellow = Detected, appears to be working but may not be reporting data transferred.

Red = Detected, appears to not be working.

Network informationThis line appears below the router name and reports the IP address of the interface
Current Transfer Rate (Up / Down)Displays the amount of data being transferred (upload and download) per second by this device.
GraphDisplays a short history of the upload/download transfer rate for this device.

For detailed information about an interface, hold your mouse over for a few seconds until a tooltip appears.


Click Next to progress to Additional Settings.