Controls how often PeakHour polls each target for new data.

Note: Careful setting this too high. The more often you poll, the more CPU PeakHour will use and more load you'll place on each device.

Bandwidth Units

Controls the display of bandwidth throughout PeakHour. 


Data Smoothing

Enables smoothing of the data. This implements a rolling average where new values are average with the previous x values in an attempt to smooth out irregularities. For example:

Smoothing turned off

Smoothing set to Strong

Essentially: The higher this value is set, the longer changes in throughput will take to become evident. The lower the setting, the more 'jagged' the graph will tend to be.

Smooth Scrolling

This option enables smooth sideways scrolling of the graph. This uses Core Animation to constantly slide the graph sideways at a constant speed, giving a much more fluid look.

Note that this option requires more CPU and GPU resources, so may cause your battery to drain slightly faster.