The bandwidth tab allows you to specify the scale of the graph and the maximum inbound and outbound bandwidth the target is capable of.

Graph Scale

There are 3 primary options for the graph scale:

  • Automatic
    When set to Automatic, the graph will automatically scale to fit whatever graph is currently on the screen.
  • Available Bandwidth
    This sets the graph scale to whatever maximum inbound / outbound bandwidth (whichever is largest)
  • Static
    Options below the first two allow you to specific a static scale.

Maximum Inbound / Outbound Bandwidth

The maximum bandwidth is used for a number of calculations:

  • If the Show on graph option is enabled, a line will be drawn showing the maximum bandwidth.
  • If the Flash on activity option in the Colors tab is turned on, the intensity of each flash is determined by the maximum bandwidth.
  • If Graph Scale is set to Available Bandwidth, the maximum bandwidth is used to calculate the scale of the graph.
  • Automatic
    This setting automatically calculates the maximum bandwidth by observing throughout.
    You can reset this to the current graph value by clicking Reset.  
  • Custom...
    Choosing this option will reveal a option to manually enter a maximum value in kbits/sec, Mbits/sec, KBytes/sec or MBytes/sec. 
  • Static
    Choose one of the pre-configured values from the list. 


(Automatic only)

If the drop down is set to Automatic, this resets the detected bandwidth to whatever the current maximum is displayed on the graph.
Show on graphWhen enabled, a line is drawn on the graph at the maximum bandwidth level.
With labelsA numeric label with the maximum is drawn on the line as well.