About Telemetry

When Telemetry is enabled in PeakHour, details of your router model and the name of interfaces that can be monitored are submitted to PeakHour's servers. This information is then used when other users are configuring a device similar to yours.

Sending anonymous telemetry is - of course - optional. When you first launch PeakHour, you'll be asked if you'd like to enable it.


If you decide you wish to disable Telemetry, you can do so at any time by toggling Preferences > General > Send and receive anonymous telemetry.

What is sent to PeakHour servers?

With telemetry enabled, the following information is sent to PeakHour servers:


  • Device System Description (SNMPv2-MIB::sysDescr)
  • Interface Description (IF-MIB::ifDescr)
  • Interface 'High Capacity' counter support (whether the interface supports 'Counter64' counters or not)


  • Friendly Name
  • Model Name
  • Model Description
  • Manufacturers
  • Supports WAN IP Connection service (required for monitoring bandwidth)
  • Supports WAN Common Interface service
  • Interface 'High Capacity' counter support (currently always no; UPnP does not currently support 64bit counters)

 The info is submitted any time a new device or interface is added.