The Targets tab is where you manage your list of targets (or devices) that PeakHour is monitoring.

Adding a new Target

To create a new target, click the + button in the bottom left-hand corner. This will display a sub-menu:

  • Add Bandwidth Monitor
    Add a new Bandwidth Monitor to monitor the amount of data uploaded and download through a network device, server, PC or Mac.
    For more information on Bandwidth Monitors, see here: Bandwidth Monitor.
    For more information on what Bandwidth Monitors can track, see here: Bandwidth Monitoring FAQ.

  • Add Connection Quality Monitor
    Add a new Connection Quality monitor to measure and monitor latency. For more information on Connection Quality monitors, see here: Connection Quality Monitor.

  • Monitor This Mac
    Easily set up a Bandwidth Monitor for this Mac or other Macs.

Deleting a Target

To remove a Target, select it in the list and click the - button. You can also right-click a target in the main window and choose Delete....

You will be asked to confirm your action.

Duplicating a Target

If you wish to duplicate an existing target, right-click on an existing target and choose Duplicate.


Click the sections below for info on each monitor type and tab:

Bandwidth Monitor

Connection Quality Monitor