This page steps you through enabling other Macs so that they can be monitored by PeakHour. We've made this process super-easy by creating PeakHour Enabler. This tool, which you can download for free below, will automatically set up your Mac(s) so that they can be monitored by PeakHour.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Get PeakHour Enabler

On the Mac you want to monitor with PeakHour, download the latest version of PeakHour Enabler:

2. Run PeakHour Enabler

  1. On the Mac you wish to monitor in PeakHour, launch PeakHour Enabler:
  2. Click Apply & Enable to start and configure SNMP.

    Note: in macOS Ventura (macOS 13) and above, Apple has disabled the ability for Terminal to run scripts. To work around this, do the following:

    1. Clicking Apply & Enable will display the following error:

    2. Click the i icon to reveal the path of the script.
    3. Double-click PeakHourEnabler-Control.command to open the script in Finder.
    4. Go back to Terminal and click OK to dismiss the error.
    5. Choose Terminal > Quit Terminal from the menu.
    6. Go back to Finder and double-click the script to execute it.
    7. Follow the instructions below as normal.
  3. Enter your macOS password when prompted:
  4. Press Command-Q to Quit Terminal.
  5. Status should now be Configured & Started.
  6. What you do now depends on some things:
    1. If you ran PeakHour Enabler under a user account logged into the same iCloud account as the user running PeakHour, this is all you need to do. Information will be automatically shared with the Mac running PeakHour via iCloud.
    2. If you ran PeakHour Enabler under a user account not logged into the same iCloud account as PeakHour is running under, click the Information tab and note down the IP address and SNMP community:

  7. Click Exit.

3. Add the Mac to PeakHour

Switch back to the Mac running PeakHour.

If both your PeakHour Mac and the Mac you wish to monitor are sharing the same iCloud account:

  1. If you're sharing the same iCloud account, after a few moments you should see a prompt like this:
  2. Click Yes.
  3. Choose the interface you wish to monitor:
  4. Click Finish.
  5. The Mac will be automatically added as a new Target.

If they're not sharing the same iCloud accout

  1. In PeakHour, open Preferences.
  2. Click + to add a new Target.
  3. Choose Bandwidth.
  4. Click Add SNMP Device...
  5. Specify the IP address and SNMP community you noted down in step 6b. above.
  6. Click Next and Finish.

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