Main View

The main view can be accessed by either:

1. Clicking the PeakHour icon  / target information in the menu bar.
(Note: PeakHour may be displaying more or less information depending on what monitors you have configured). 

2. Clicking the PeakHour icon in the Dock.

Main View features

This graph points out the primary feature of the main view:

Graph Toolbar

The graph toolbar appears when mousing over the graph area.

From left to right, the controls are:

Zoom outZooms out the graph view, increasing the amount of time shown.
Zoom sliderAdjusts the graph zoom
Zoom inZooms in the graph view, decreasing the amount of time shown.
Lock / unlock graph scale

When locked, the graph's vertical scale adjusts to the visible area.
?When unlocked, the graph's vertical scale is taken from the entire graph area.

Toggle absolute / relative timesToggles absolute time-of-day times (e.g. 8:39pm) vs. relative times (e.g. 13m) on the graph's Y axis.
ShareShare the graph via Email, iMessage, AirDrop etc.
HistoryOpens the History view for this target.