The Display tab contains options for customising how the device is displayed.


Graph and Details View

Sets the view of the target in the main window to include a graph as well as details. For example:

RememberSets how many minutes of data the main graph will retain. The main graph can be scrolled vertically with either the mouse or trackpad, allowing you to see data up to 12 hours in the past. Note that larger values here can impact performance.
Details Only View

Details only shows device and immediate inbound/outbound bandwidth but hides the graph:

Menu Bar

Show in Menubar

Show the upload/download speed of this target in the menu bar.

Include Graph

Shows a small graph next to the upload/download speed in the menubar.

WidthAdjust the width of the Minigraph
Include Totals

Show this target's total uploaded/downloaded in the menu bar.