Main View

The main view can be accessed by either:

  • Clicking the PeakHour icon  / target information in the menu bar.
  • (If enabled) Clicking the PeakHour icon in the dock.

Main View features

This graph points out the primary feature of the main view:

Graph Toolbar

The graph toolbar appears when mousing over the graph area.

From left to right, the controls are:

Zoom outZooms out the graph view, increasing the amount of time shown.
Zoom sliderAdjusts the graph zoom
Zoom inZooms in the graph view, decreasing the amount of time shown.
Lock / unlock graph scale

When locked, the graph's vertical scale adjusts to the visible area.
?When unlocked, the graph's vertical scale is taken from the entire graph area.

Toggle absolute / relative timesToggles absolute time-of-day times (e.g. 8:39pm) vs. relative times (e.g. 13m) on the graph's Y axis.
ShareShare the graph via Email, iMessage, AirDrop etc.
HistoryOpens the History view for this target.